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EGER-6M Hunting Call (Green)
10 580 RUR

EGER-56D Hunting Call (Green)
9 980 RUR

EGER-55D Hunting Call (Green)
9 480 RUR

EGER-5D Hunting Call (Green)
9 190 RUR

TK9RS67U Speaker
1 920 RUR

EGER VZM-2 Speaker
3 820 RUR

(Rus) Кабель - удлинитель АВЗМ RG БЕРЕНДЕЙ 2 м
360 RUR

EGER-6M Hunting Call (Green)
10 580 RUR

Standard Memory Card
926 RUR

Carryall Bag Type-2
280 RUR

Carryall Bag Type-1
280 RUR

Battery Cable 5.5х2.5 mm
493 RUR

1M2F Y-Cable 20m
919 RUR

1M2F Y-Cable 10m
559 RUR

1M2F Y-Cable 5m
390 RUR

1M2F Y-Cable 15cm
330 RUR

VZM Extension Cable 40m
1 290 RUR

VZM Extension Cable 20m
760 RUR
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New arrivals: carryall bags to fit your hunting calls and accessories
18 March 2017
Carryall bags to fit your hunting calls, external speakers
Overload protection for speakers
18 March 2017
VZM-2 speakers are now fitted out with temperature protection modules
Waterproof TK9RS67U speakers
18 March 2017
We produce two types of TK9 speakers: TK9RS and TK9RS67U
(Rus) Интеллектуальное управление громкостью
1 July 2018
(Rus) Новое исполнение громкоговорителя ВЗМ-2
10 December 2018
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