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EGER-55D Hunting Call (Green)

7 890 RUR


Eger-55D is based on Eger-5 model, but it has four programmable quick access buttons on the front panel. It is fitted out with a 10W digital amplifier and a memory card with 225 voices of various animals and birds.

Eger-55D Specifics:

  • OLED display
  • Digital amplifier
  • 16-bit voice tracks
  • Memory card with 225 voices
  • Controls via 4 programmable push-buttons and a rotary knob
  • Built-in speaker with operating range up to 150-200 meters
  • Possibility of connection to an external speaker
  • Can be powered by 17R8H batteries, 9V batteries or 6-12V external power source
  • In-built flashlight

Eger-55D is a lightweight device with user-friendly interface used for the reproduction of voices of various animals and birds. This model is similar to Eger-5M, but it has four quick access buttons for the quick selection of four preset playback modes.

The memory card is replaceable. The users can create their own sets of voices on standard memory cards using our application. Depending on memory card storage space such individual sets may include practically unlimited number of voices and can be further used for hunting or fauna research.

The voices are reproduced through in-built speaker. Its capacity may reach 200 meters in calm weather.

External speaker may increase the efficiency up to 4000 meters.

Eger-55D has user-friendly interface and intuitive control. On/Off and Start/Stop buttons are located on the side panel. Press these buttons simultaneously to turn on the flashlight.

Use the rotary knob to choose a voice track, to change volume or to set pause parameters. The device is powered by 17R8H battery or by external power source up to 12V.


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