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EGER-56D Hunting Call (Green)

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Eger-56D is fitted out with a 10W digital amplifier, enhanced OLED display, 4 programmable quick access buttons and memory card with 225 voices. It is powered by 4 AA batteries.

Eger-56D Specifics:

  • Enhanced OLED display
  • Digital amplifier
  • 16-bit voice tracks
  • 225 voices
  • Controls via 4 programmable push-buttons and a rotary knob
  • Built-in speaker with operating range up to 150-200 meters
  • Possibility of connection to an external speaker
  • Can be powered by 4 AA batteries or 6-12V external power source
  • In-built flashlight

Eger-56D is considered a most preferable hunting call. Its peculiarities include a digital amplifier and an HD OLED display. This model has four quick access buttons for quick selection of the preset playback modes during hunting.

HD display is made of white OLED pixels. It shows the track number, volume and pause time in seconds. The control is performed via a rotary knob. The optional number of voice tracks is limited only by the memory card storage space. The voice tracks are stored on replaceable micro-SD card installed in the battery compartment. The users can create and record their own sets of voices on standard micro-SD cards that can be installed instead of our memory cards.

The device is able to reproduce 16-bit voice tracks with 100-1100 Hz frequency range. It provides for the flawless imitation of voices of various animals and birds. The operating range of the built-in speaker is 150-200 meters.

The additional speaker can be connected via 3.5mm socket. External speaker impedance may reach 4-8 Ohm.

Eger-56D is powered by four AA batteries or by an external power source with the capacity of 6W or 12W. It has a rubberized waterproof case. Its weight is 300 g. Eger-56D also has a built-in flashlight for operation during the night.

The 10W digital amplifier provides for the most accurate imitation of water fowl, moor fowl, meadow fowl and upland fowl. We strongly recommend to use the hunting call with our passive VZM-2 speaker. It will increase the operating range up to 2000 meters without any losses in quality of sounding.


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