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EGER-6M Hunting Call (Green)

9 490 RUR


Eger-6M is a state-of-the-art hunting call incorporating the most advanced technologies. It is fitted out with a 10W digital amplifier, a big OLED display, a chronometer and a flashlight. Its memory holds 225 voices of various animals and birds.

Eger-6M Specifics:

  • Big new OLED display
  • Day/Night display operating modes
  • Digital amplifier
  • Higher speaker volume
  • Additional Playback Start/Stop button
  • 16-bit voice tracks
  • Set of 225 voices
  • Controls via 4 programmable push-buttons and a rotary knob
  • Built-in speaker with operating range up to 150-200 meters
  • Possibility of connection to an external speaker
  • Can be powered by 17R8H batteries, 9V batteries or 6-12V external power source
  • In-built clock, timer and stop-watch
  • In-built flashlight

Eger-6M is the first professional hunting call.

It is able to reproduce 16-bit voice tracks which provides for exceptional sounding quality.

It is also fitted out with a high-contrast OLED display.

Eger-6M employs an autonomous real-time RT-CALARM operating system that performs executive functions, maintains filing system, displays the data and processes command signals. It is also responsible for digital-to-analogue audio programming, power voltage regulation and timer control.

The memory of the hunting call holds a set of 225 voices. The users have an option of increasing the number of voices up to 250 without any professional help.

Power delivery is controlled by the OS, which automatically adjusts the sounding volume with regard to power supply capacity. The high efficiency of the device is provided by the digital amplifier and tier switching power system. Its capacity can be increased up to 10W when connected to 12V external power source.

The voice tracks are stored on replaceable 2 Gb micro-SD card installed in the battery compartment. Voice tracks are reproduced via the external speaker. In calm weather its operating range may reach 150-200 meters. The speaker flawlessly reproduces the voices of a vast majority of animals and birds, including high-pitched voices of hazel grouses.

We recommend to use our external speakers to increase the operating range of the hunting call up to 4 km. Eger-6M is equipped with four quick access buttons allowing the fast selection of four preset modes of reproduction.

The 10W digital amplifier provides for the most accurate imitation of water fowl, moor fowl, meadow fowl and upland fowl. We strongly recommend to use the hunting call with our passive VZM-2 speaker. It will increase the operating range up to 2000 meters with no loss in quality of sounding.

As our previous models Eger-6M is also equipped with a flashlight.


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EGER-6M Hunting Call (Green)
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